Run For Your Life

I was always on the run; no fair, they both had wheels

I’ve been trying all night to upload some old pictures of my past. I want to show everyone that along with the distorted thoughts of a person suffering with an eating disorder, life still goes on. Sometimes it’s rather fun…My inner most secrets are what has made me sick, the outside persona that I’ve shown everyone my entire life is quite opposite of ED… Although I always ran from them,( big brother and sister) I look at this picture and it only brings a smile to my face… I love those two stinkers on the trikes!

Dad always seemed to have a camera handy whenever we were all dressed up. Sometimes I wonder if we had any money for clothes, or if Mark and Renae used the hand-me-downs before they got to me. At the time, I was never worried about the fashion police….didn’t know anything about them. I treasure these pictures of the past, they remind me of the true meaning of family and how much love we shared as we grew up. We always picked on one another, but were there to protect each other if the need arose. Mark, Renae and Lori…. The Three Mischievous Musketeers

be nice now, sit still

Mark, Renae, Lori, smile big and sit still...

The Three Mischievous Musketeers

Twilight line up in front of my Uncles Barn, around 1966

We made many trips out to my Uncle Dwayne’s farm when we were little, my Dad always enjoyed visiting with his big brother.

The Fam

Everybody stand still and smile nice

Same Was Here

Look what I got from SANTA!

All our Family pictures revolved around the fireplace in the living room. It’s always been puzzling to me  why our Christmas stockings were invisible, I distinctly remember taping my name on my stocking so Santa wouldn’t have any problems finding the right sock for me. I also remember walking outside to look at the chimney. I drug my mom out there to have her explain to me  how he got down such a little tube. Memories of my youth…sometimes I wish I never had to grow up. Life was simple, life was easy. Mom and Dad were always there to take care of everything  too big for me to handle….I love looking back.

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