Still Pluggin’ Away

Six weeks have passed since I started treatment. I’ve learned that it’s possible to eat real live foods, meaning foods that were on my do not eat list. The foods which I restricted from my dietary supplements have shown to be safe for me to consume. I’ve been living on the straight and narrow for decades, forbidding myself to indulge in foods I considered junk, or too fattening. Fact be told, these foods taste good to me and they are not making me fat…I haven’t the desire to overeat, which simply leads to bulimic behavior, because I know I’ll be feeding myself again in only a couple hours. Regular feeding is starting to make sense to me. Even my body is enjoying the results of being fed frequently; digestion feels wonderful when it works properly. My mind is becoming more aware of the rights and wrongs…I’m beginning to think more clearly with less of the distorted thoughts clouding up my senses.
My personal life is still in distress, I’m facing the realities of being on my own, and having to monitor my behaviors all by myself without the guidance of my spouse to help me at the wheel. I have a tremendous amount of work to do before I’m discharged…I need my self-respect and I need the reassurance that I’m able to once and for all, conquer the issues that have haunted me in the past.

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