Have you ever seen a real live man made oak tree?

How about a real live man made blooming flower or a real live man made blade of grass?…nope….I believe the same God that made all the wonderful things in this vast universe we live in made each one of us human beings. He designed us in his form and gave us the opportunity to make choices.  I believe each day we wake up he places in front of us different choices that heads up our new journey. We’ve all been told the difference between right and wrong at one time or another in our lives, I believe the gut instinct we feel inside, the choice we know we should make because we have the “gut instinct” that it’s right, is probably what he wants us to choose. But he’s not a control freak and he lets us decide….we seem to make the wrong decisions from time to time so he continues to place more choices before us.   I believe even when we get that “gut instinct” we tend to choose the easy way, we tend to choose  what is most convienient for us…I chose the path of self destruction for too many years, and the good Lord just continued to place new choices in front of me on a daily basis. He never gave up on me even though I continued to make the wrong choices over and over again. I prayed for guidance and strength, and each day I continued to listen the voice of the Eating Disorder. I continued to go along with everything it told me, I continued to believe the lies it told me. You’re so fat, you’re so stupid, you’re so unimportant. I continued to listen to the eating disorder because it was so much easier than it was to fight it. I don’t think that God intended me to live this distorted life, he intends for us to glorify him and love ourselves and others.  My eating disorder just hates this new side of me, it’s in high competition and knows it’s eventually going to be defeated. That voice is screaming at me now and has been for months, I keep resisting and try so hard not to give in. The more I resist the voice of the eating disorder the louder it screams and the more pathetic it makes me feel.  I know God is with me, I know thats the only reason I’ve come this far…..

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