Each time I’m able to get through the day without purging, and shut down the voice of that dreaded part of me that keeps telling me I’m fat as a cow and not worth a crap is a good day….today I did good.  Today I was able to be a bit more mindful than usual. I thank God for all the strength he has given me, cuz I know I am not working alone. I’ve wasted so very much of my energy on my eating disorder, 31 years of wasted time and energy.  If only I had a chance to take back my youth…..

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  1. Keep it up and reward yourself!
    You are strong and you can do this!
    Beat Bulimia. Keep up the fight and don’t look back!!!

  2. we cannot get our past back, but we can use it! we can use it to drive ourselves towards something greater. and we can use it to help others. keep fighting!

    • Something greater is all I can hope for…I see it and I feel it…I feel like I’m almost to the top of that big mountain, but my feet are getting stuck in the muddy trail…

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